Important Information

For the protection of all the babies:

  • Hand washing (up to the elbows with jewellery off) is the most effective precaution in the prevention of infection whilst caring for your baby.

  • Please ask visitors to text or ring you on arrival, so you can let them in with your Proximity Card & accompany them into the unit.

  • Please limit visitors at the bedside to a parent & two others (max 3 at bedside at any one time)

  • Children (under 12 years) other than your own are not permitted in the unit.

  • If any visitor has an infection it will be necessary to exclude them from visiting.

  • Silence you mobile phone and only use it in the family spaces or outside the units.

  • 1-3 pm is a `baby rest time’ and parents only are permitted. This is a quiet time for babies to have a deep undisturbed sleep.

  • Prior to discharge please return your Proximity Card to the ward clerk or your baby’s nurse

What to expect in the NICU/SCN

The NICU and SCN at Canberra Hospital provides care for babies who require extra attention following birth. Some reasons for admission include preterm birth, low birth weight, breathing difficulty, low blood sugar level, infection, birth trauma and some congenital abnormalities.

A specially trained team attends all high risk births where it is anticipated that the baby may experience difficulties. If time permits, members of the NICU team will meet with parents to discuss what they may expect after their baby is born.

Levels of care

The Unit provides three levels of care:

  • The NICU is for seriously ill or premature babies requiring intensive care.
  • It also provides high dependency beds for babies requiring extra observation and care.
  • The SCN provides care for stable babies prior to discharge. The focus of this unit is parent education and discharge planning.